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Become a Life Sciences & Healthcare Trainee

Are you determined to begin a successful career within Life Sciences & Health? Then, the Smelt healthcare traineeship is the right choice. As a healthcare trainee, you will work on various projects and learn a multitude of skills. During these projects, you will be contributing to the overall health of Dutch society, possibly even impacting global healthcare.

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*At the moment we only accept applications from people with a Dutch residency.

Become a healthcare trainee

Traineeships in Pharmaceuticals, Biotech or Medical Devices

Are you an ambitious individual with the desire to become a healthcare professional?

Apply to the Smelt Healthcare & Life Sciences Traineeship to kick start your career in the right direction. The Smelt Career Center is the experienced and professional partner you need to help you on your way. Our traineeship offers various projects at different highly innovative companies. Become a part of projects that will have a positive impact on the health of Dutch society.  Are you a successful, intelligent, and enthusiastic opportunity seeker? Planning your next step is not always easy, let Smelt assist you in preparing for your future career.

As a starter or young professional, you and your development are crucial to our team at Smelt. To help you grow in the pharmaceutical, biotech or medical devices world, we have designed a variety of projects to expand your skills. These programmes will develop your competencies, your efficiency, as well as your knowledge of the disciplines in these sectors. Together with the Talent Manager, you will customize a programme with like-minded companies and challenging projects to guarantee your growth and professional accomplishments.

Career Perspectives

Launch your career in Life Sciences & Health by becoming a healthcare trainee at Smelt! Not only do we offer a variety of intriguing traineeships, we also provide strategic training that will impress your future employers. After the traineeship, you will have the experience and basis for an extensive network that leading pharmaceutical organisations are looking for. Sign up for our community and participate in our traineeship to unlock your full potential. Follow your ambitions with the guidance of our team and find the direction that fits you best. Are you a recent graduate, soon-to-be graduate, or a young professional with a Dutch residency? Sign up for our traineeship and invest in your career today!

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Growth of the sector

The growth of the sector is spectacular and the demand for talent is unprecedented.
The Netherlands has become one of the most concentrated Life Sciences & Health clusters in the world. Healthcare has always been a key element of Dutch society. This success translates to one of the best healthcare systems in the world and explains the numerous innovative projects that frequently occur.


Life Sciences and Care are of great importance to our national well-being. Accessible, affordable, and good quality care contributes to the quality of life. A career in the care sector makes an important contribution to society.

Challenging and Innovative

The Life Sciences & Health sector is one of the most innovative sectors in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. From new therapeutic applications for serious diseases, to robotic techniques, to mobile technological developments, to the improvement of efficient healthcare. We can rightfully say that Dutch professionals are leading in the healthcare sector.

Accelerated learning while working

As an employee of Smelt, you do not have to commit yourself to one employer. Your development can be accelerated by taking a look behind the scenes at various companies. In this way, you learn to adapt to changing environments, recognise which culture suits you best, and you can work on developing different competencies and deepen your knowledge in various fields.

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Meet our Candidate manager

Are you wondering exactly what our traineeships entails or are you curious about the benefits of becoming a trainee? Any questions or concerns about the traineeships can be directed towards our Candidate Manager. They will help you throughout the application process and will keep you updated every step of the way. Our Candidate manager will get to know you and your future ambitions, allowing Smelt to match you with a project or company. Speak with our Candidate Manager today to get started with your healthcare traineeship application!

Meet our Talent manager

All the steps of your growth during our traineeship will be supported by our Talent (development) Managers. As soon as you sign your contract with Smelt, you will meet your Talent Manager. They will reflect with you on your ambitions for the future and your current expertise. You will be in the lead while creating your own personal development plan. The talent manager will challenge you and guide you throughout the programme. Your plan will be discussed, together with the talent manager, with the client to ensure that the assignment fits well with your future plans.

Every month you will have a development discussion with the Talent Manager and any necessary adjustments to your plan can be made during this time.

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Become a healthcare trainee

Are you a recent graduate, soon to be graduate or a young professional? Are you a high-achiever that aims for success? The healthcare traineeship offered by Smelt is a great opportunity to kick start your future career. Apply to our healthcare traineeship and join our vast network & community.

The Smelt Healthcare Traineeship application insists of a CV review and a virtual video meeting with the Candidate Manager. If you have potential as a future trainee, we will begin the matching process between a trainee and a company or project. If a match is found you will be employed by Smelt as a trainee and will begin working on your first assignment with the corresponding company.

Are you convinced you meet the criteria of a trainee? Apply today to kick start your career!

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