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How would you benefit from a traineeship with Smelt?

Are you shopping around for traineeships and are you wondering what makes ours unique?

Our first priority is your success, we want to help you transform your education into a career. Join our traineeship program and gain valuable work experience while being part of various projects. Learn invaluable skills that employers are looking for that cannot be taught in a classroom. Contribute to the overall health of Dutch society and sign up to become a trainee!

You are not in this alone. Smelt guarantees intriguing traineeships, strategic training, and networking opportunities. We are here to be a guiding hand.

Not only will you be able to impress your future employers but you will also have an extensive network of trainees and potential employers.

Sign up for our traineeship and gain a community. Take this opportunity to unlock your full potential.

Another great benefit of the Healthcare Traineeship is the chance to discover the direction that fits you best! Due to our diverse range of projects, you will be sure to encounter a role that sparks passion within you.

Your benefits:

  • Gain experience with innovative global players
  • A fixed salary
  • Training on the job
  • Supervision by a talent manager
  • Lectures on industry-specific topics
  • Build your network
Become a healthcare trainee

Who will I be working for?

Typically, we work with companies in the Life Sciences industry.
The Life Sciences industry comprises of companies operating in the research, development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology-based food and medicines, medical devices, biomedical technologies, and other products that improve the lives of humans.

What will I learn?

You will gain skills during practical, on-the-job training such as project management, networking, and communication skills. You will also have the opportunity to further build your resume with relevant work experience.

What will I do?

The objective of the Healthcare Traineeship is to kick-start your career. The traineeship offers you the opportunity to be introduced to various companies within the Life Sciences industry in a short period of time. The flexibility of our traineeship program allows companies to structure the training to match their individual businesses, you will be working on projects based on the needs of the organisation. Jump right in and help increase the efficiency of a team with exciting assignments!

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