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What is the key to being an ideal trainee?

Are you a student, graduate, or inexperienced professional? Are you unsure about which career you would like to pursue or where you would like to work? If so, this traineeship is perfect for you and is specifically geared towards the healthcare and life sciences industry! We offer you the opportunity to work alongside several different organisations working on various diverse projects. This allows our trainees to discover their preferred work culture, work style, and the position they fit best with. Do not miss this opportunity to find your path and begin the professional journey that you have always hoped for.

*At the moment we only accept applications from people with a Dutch residency.

We would also like to mention that the majority of the companies we partner with have a preference for trainees who can speak the native language, Dutch.

Become a healthcare trainee
Smelt Healthcare Traineeship
Smelt Healthcare Traineeship

Signs of an ambitious talent:

Talent is always willing to learn from their successes and failures. The ability to stay open-minded and not become discouraged is important.

Can you deal with complex situations without feeling too overwhelmed and giving up? This is always a great indication of your perseverance.

Are you open to asking for help and comfortable working in a team setting? If so, you show clear signs of a strong ability to communicate.

Talents are creative thinkers. When you think about your working style, do you utilise your creativity to overcome obstacles?

Are you able to put your vision into words and convince others about your ideas? An ideal trainee is able to inspire others and present a fresh new perspective.

Does this sound like you? Keep reading to discover some hard skills we would prefer.

A Trainee Profile

For the Healthcare Traineeship program, we would like to see ambitious academics who have proven their love and ability to learn.

Our expectations for a trainee?

  • A master’s degree
  • An award (nomination) or special recommendation
  • Great communication skills (Dutch and English preferred)
  • Extra-curricular activities or experience abroad
  • Ambitious & driven
  • Flexible & always on the search for new challenges

We are currently looking for trainees with a maximum of 2 years of work experience.

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Smelt Healthcare Traineeship

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Become a healthcare trainee

Are you a recent graduate, soon to be graduate or a young professional? Are you a high-achiever that aims for success? The healthcare traineeship offered by Smelt is a great opportunity to kick start your future career. Apply to our healthcare traineeship and join our vast network & community.

The Smelt Healthcare Traineeship application insists of a CV review and a virtual video meeting with the Candidate Manager. If you have potential as a future trainee, we will begin the matching process between a trainee and a company or project. If a match is found you will be employed by Smelt as a trainee and will begin working on your first assignment with the corresponding company.

Are you convinced you meet the criteria of a trainee? Apply today to kick start your career!

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