What is a traineeship?

Simply put, a programme in which you can gain work experience and profit from extra training and coaching. As the traineeship is limited in time, on a temporary basis, provided by different companies or institutions, it enables you to broaden your scope on the sector, gain experiences in the different disciplines of the sector before you commit yourself to a long term period of a fixed position.

Traineeship might differ from each other. We recognize general / leadership traineeships as well as specialized traineeship like health economics, regulatory affairs. see for more information

What is the purpose of a traineeship?

The commercial & innovative healthcare sector is booming in the Netherlands. By far the fastest growing industry as well the industry in which the economy invests twice as much as in other sectorts. A traineeship in the healthcare sector inspires young talents to choose a career in the commercial healthcare sector. The sector is relatively unknown and suffers from a bad reputation.
The intention of the traineeship is so that the trainee will continue his or her career in healthcare and will be offered a permanent role within the sector.

When is the best time to do a traineeship?

In reality, there is no best time to actually do a traineeship. Organisations that offer traineeships usually start their application process at different times as the projects occur also in different times. At Smelt you can enter into the development programm at any time. We advice you to create a profile on the platform, where you can show your ambitions and possibilities. If you have an appealing profile the client can add you to his or her wishlist.

How long is a traineeship?

As a traineeship consists of three successive assignments, with one or more employers, and the assignments differ from lenght, the length of a traineeship is unpredictable. Usually, a traineeship lasts between one and two years. During this time, you will get the opportunity to explore different departments of the participating companies. You explore different departments throughout your traineeship programme to ensure that you will know exactly which function you would like to take on after it ends.