Training, Coaching and College

  • work experience on challenging assignments
  • talent lab
  • lectures & master classes
  • assignments

The traineeships prepare you for the pharmaceutical, biotech or medical devices industry. This is done through the ideal combination of working and learning at the same time. Smelt Career Center goes one step further. If you have a contract with Smelt, you will meet your personal talent manager. Together with him or her, you have a conversation and draw up a development plan. Smelt stimulates talents to develop broadly for the labour market.

The traineeship is partly designed by experts from the market. They have already made a career for themselves and supplement the training with numerous practical examples on the one hand. On the other hand, they can explain from their management experience where your opportunities and learning moments lie. Naturally, they will share their extensive knowledge during the lectures.

Accelerated learning while working
As an employee of Smelt, you do not have to commit yourself to one employer. Your development can be accelerated by taking a look behind the scenes at various companies. In this way, you learn to adapt to changing environments, recognise which culture suits you best, and you can work on developing different competencies and deepen your knowledge in various fields.